My Experience Online Shopping For A Vaporizer Pen – What I Wanted and What I Learned

vape-penI have never really smoked before and was one of those people that promised I would never take up the habit.  I have always frowned upon cigarettes and tobacco and was always the type of person that wanted to be as far away from cigarette smoke as possible.  Well as they say one of the most inevitable parts of life is change and lets just say my feelings towards smoking are changing a bit.  Not towards products like cigarettes and cigars mind you but more so on the many alternative smoking options now coming out that are becoming legal and more innovative.  I recently have been running into some anxiety and stress issues in my personal life and it was recommended to me by a friend that I should consider starting to vape dried herbs, concentrates and other e-liquids to find that balance and relaxation in my life that I was looking for.  While I have just started the journey on learning how to vape I wanted to share and document my experiences.  This opening article will cover my first time shopping for a new vaporizer and some things I encountered and was thinking about along the way.

Vaporizer Pen Online Shopping Thought and Experience Number 1: Pricing

When it came to vape pen pricing I have no idea what to expect.  In my mind I had set a budget of around $150 – $200 to get started as is the case with most of my hair brained hobbies but I quickly found this number was a bit but luckily not by much.  I quickly realized that finding and buying the high quality vape pen that I wanted was going to set me back more in the $250 – $350 which was not a big deal as it was no real shock to the budget.  I found out that one of the more respected and talked about vaporizers the Pax 3 costs $274.99 and used this as a base comparison when looking at other pens.  Once I determined how much was appropriate to spend on a Vape pen I wanted to assure I was getting what I paid for.

Vaporizer Pen Online Shopping Thought and Experience Number 2: Quality and Durability

I started by reading all types of reviews and coverage articles on the vaping industry as a whole and it was this part of the shopping process that I really started to learn more about what I was specifically buying but also generally what I was getting myself into as a whole when it came to take the beginning steps necessary to start enjoying the vape life.  Things like warranty availability, battery life, build quality, concentrate and herb support quality were all on the table and it was just a matter learning about the various approaches the vape pen makers were taking towards these key needs and necessities in the online shopping process.  There is little worse then ordering something you want only to find out its cheaply made and poorly designed.  I really found that detailed reviews like this Pax 3 review went a long ways towards helping me understand not only what I need but what I should be looking for in a vaporizer pen.

Vaporizer Pen Online Shopping Thought and Experience Number 3: Functionality

Sure I want my vape pen to be well priced and long lasting but I also need it to perform in the manner I expect it which is why I place a huge amount of emphasis on the functionality of a product.  I learned about vape pen characteristics such as vape path efficiency, concentrate inserts, temperature control, unit operation, portability, charging, add on accessories and so much more.  The bottom line is you want a vape pen that can handle all your needs and demands so make sure before purchasing you are getting the features and functions you want.  While as of this writing I have still yet to make a decision on which vape I want I have narrowed it down.  Anyone have any suggestions on which vaporizer I should buy?

Daily Fantasy Sports Infographic – The Potential of the Industry

I see a lot of sports fans come into the bar I work at and it always amazes how many of them have never heard of daily fantasy sports.  Most everyone of course knows about fantasy sports to some degree.  Many of my patrons have participated in Fantasy Football season long leagues, office fantasy pools for such events like the NCAA March Madness tournament, and general friendly wagers with friends and family but rarely still do I get any avid daily fantasy sports players that come in on the regular.  When I tell my customers about daily fantasy sports or show them on my my mobile phone they are often blown away by the technology, entertainment value and the sheer numbers that are offered up in the player and prize pools.  Since many are still in amazement at what the industry is growing to I decided to make an infographic blog post to highlight some of the key daily fantasy sports stats that highlight its true potential.


Daily Fantasy Sports Growth Stat #1 – 40,000,000+ People Play Fantasy Sports In The US

I think I read somewhere that the 40 million+ number would represent around 15% of the United States population and the amazing thing is this number is still growing.  With most of the sports fan public still in the dark about daily fantasy sports as evidenced by bartending encounters I can only imagine what the DFS population could grow to in 5 or 10 years once the word spreads, regulations are in place and more players have the opportunity to try the games out.  Will you be one of the new daily fantasy players?


Daily Fantasy Sports Growth Stat #2 – Avearge Annual Spend of a Fantasy Sports Player = $111

Multiply that by 40 million and you have an extreme amount of revenue coming in the door with no sign of slowing down in sight.  With so much money being invested and spent on daily fantasy sports we can only expect the companies to get bigger and stronger while offering more and more options to the customer.  The great thing about daily fantasy sports is that you can actually win lots of money so while some might spend/lose a $100 a year there are plenty of people who are actually making a living from playing daily fantasy sports.


Daily Fantasy Sports Growth Stat #3 –  30% of Fantasy Players Use A Mobile Device To Play

The future of entertainment revolves highly around its ability to interact while mobile and daily fantasy sports allows for just that.  The sweet thing about DFS is that you can come to the bar and still play.  Most every site has a mobile platform now so playing daily fantasy sports on the go is now easier then ever before.  I think this mobile friendliness will play a key role in the further expansion of DFS.  You can now play daily fantasy sports and go to the game live all at the same time.

The above numbers are pretty telling as to how much potential this new industry has.  The potential is clearly there and I hope this blog will also be a help on spreading awareness of how fun this new form of entertainment is.