barHello, My name is Roald Hoffman and I am a single college student living in Florida.  I have a part time job bartending but my true passion is watching and playing sports.  The one good thing about working at a sports bar is I get to watch a lot sports as well interact with passionate fans.  I started this blog not only to share my love of sports but also introduce people to one of my new favorite interests which is daily fantasy sports.  While basketball is the game I like to watch the most daily fantasy sports has got me interested in everything imaginable from Canadian Football to NASCAR.  The NFL is probably my second favorite sport to watch and football weekends are usually the craziest at the bar as well.  I am hoping to use this personal blog space to share some of the more humorous stories I hear at the bar while hopefully spreading a little insight into daily fantasy sports and various strategies that are used to try and beat the games.  In Florida people sure do love their teams and I just find it so interesting to see how excited people get for gamedays, myself included.  If you enjoy sports as much I do then stay tuned to the blog as I will be posting lots of great resources, content and ideas all geared towards making sports even more fun.