Daily Fantasy Sports Tips – Top 3 DFS Sites To Play and Why


Daily Fantasy Sports Website #1: DraftKings 

My favorite daily sports site to play on right now is DraftKings.  They offer the widest selection of sports out of any daily fantasy sports operators which is why I prefer them mostly over the others.  They even have daily fantasy sports for video game competitions which is pretty interesting.  Some of the other great attributes of DraftKings are fast payouts, a premium software platform, large player pools and player perks.  If you are looking for somewhere to start in daily fantasy sports this is the place to do it.

Daily Fantasy Sports Website #2: FanDuel

The was the first daily fantasy sports site I ever played on so it is near and dear to heart for that reason alone but I also love it for more then just that.  The game play and lineup interface is a bit simpler then DraftKings so I often like to play on FanDuel when I am short on time or do not want to make a lot of decisions while building my teams.  One great thing about FanDuel is they are very trustworthy.  As one of the first daily fantasy sports sites ever they have been in the industry a long time and have a highly respected image among the playing community.  The customer service is great as well and site overall is also a fantastic place for new and old players to come together for some sports fun.

Daily Fantasy Sports Website #3: Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports

For one I think it is just so cool that major company like Yahoo decided to break into daily fantasy sports.  Although still relatively new to the DFS industry Yahoo has already made a number of changes to its product that are pro casual player.  Rules for instance like strict entry limits (10 entry limit per player in any contest), no automated entry, editing or scripts allowed and highly experienced player markings all make the game more fun for the average fan.  The fun and friendly playing environment is why I pick Yahoo daily fantasy sports three and is the main reason I keep coming back.